Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts on the coming week...

I sit here in my hotel room, about to begin my 7th USDAA World Cynosport Games. Has it really been that long? I remember everything about my first USDAA Nationals. It still feels new to me, and every year I walk away with a new experience. Experiences that have changed my life in so many incredible ways, and I am so thankful for each of those opportunites. This year is Ty's last year to compete. He's 11 years old, and although his is still extremely eager to run, his hearing (lack there-of) will keep him from being competitive, and he will "semi-retire" to local trials only. It's a very sad realization for me. He's the only reason I'm still playing this game. He gave me the drive to go further... to be better.. to learn from others. I look forward to showcasing him this weekend. Showing off the amount of heart one little dog can possess. It's truly amazing the opportunities this dog has given me. He didn't take me to France, but he took me down some roads that many people do not get to travel, and he lead me to many lessons that I needed to learn. He introduced me to some incredible people, and he taught me how to win, how to lose, and how to just enjoy the ride. How can only 20lb pup teach so much ? He's amazing.

On the other hand, this will be Smack's FIRST National event. Wow. I can't even put words to how excited I am. I've been dreaming of this day for a LONG time. Again, it's not France, but it's special. I'm sure I'll step to the line tomorrow and all week with a dopey grin on my face, and then run my butt off. I love running my SmackAttack. It's a new feeling of accomplishment every single time we step to the line. He's the dog I have to have in my life. I could spend every second of every day with him. Can't imagine life without Smackers. He's just my goofy, dorky boy, and he's *awesome*.

And Tommy. How can you not love that little dude? I feel good about him this year. We just feel good together. (did I just say that?!) Lookout for Those DAM Jacks taking over ;)

Beaux Beaux is with me this year. He has been on FIRE at trials, so I'm *super* excited to show him off. When do we run snooker? can we just skip that one? I know I can do that :)

So, all of this way pretty random, but at least it's a blog post. I love my dogs, and all of the opportunities they've given me, and all of the journeys I have been on because of them. Life just doesn't get any better than that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Monday Again...

4 days of USDAA in College Station. It had to be one of the smoothest running shows Dog Gone Fun has run, yet! The dirt was OMG, PERFECT. (Those of you that might have skipped because of the SAND BEACH it was before-- you missed out!) It was awesome! The loose and fluffy was a little thick at first, but it packed down quickly and made the surface to die for!

So, Here it goes. Thursday:

Jumpers-- Smack had three bars down. (he was adjusted to the surface that had not yet been packed down) And, they were all in a row... so kind of a domino effect.

Snooker-- He lost his mind. Enough said.

Pairs -- Smack had a bar down (I should have helped him), but Big Bro Cisco and Aunt Renee were clean, so we Q'd. That's #3!

Standard-- *sigh* a gorgeous run, but he fell off of the dogwalk. bummer.

Gamblers -- *bigger sigh* he broke his stay. and got the walk of shame.

Gamblers --Reall great opening, no gamble.

Standard -- Another spectacular run, but *note to self* : "Work rear crossing the tunnel, when you are on your dog's left, and the tunnel curves to the right." In case you can't picture that:

Pairs -- Smacky ran clean, his partner went off course. Bummer!

Snooker -- It started off a little rocky, but we saved it and ran 1-2-1-7-1-7 and closed for a Q!

Jumpers -- AWESOME run, and got to try out a tricky rear cross that a month ago we couldn't do, but he dropped a bar (Not the one I rear crossed!)


Jumpers -- One bar down. I'll take this one. It was near the end, and we were going along and then I took off for the finish line, and that's the bar he took down... *work on this, work on this, work on this*

Snooker-- Oh yeah baby, this was our best snooker run E.V.E.R. 1-7-1-7-1-6-1-7 and close. 1st place and Super Q. :-) That's his 3rd leg & 2nd SQ!

Pairs -- Very shocking thing happened. I thought I had Smack-A-Doodle's head, and ran to the dogwalk, but he read my "pause" as a cue to the weaves, and shot off into the poles. Oopsie!

Standard -- YAHOO! We *finally* made it through a course without something FREAKY happening. Held contacts, 40 second run, 2nd place. Leg #2!

Gamblers -- Smokin' opening (holding contacts), good gamble, 2nd place! Leg #6.


Gamblers -- Good opening! No good gamble. HA!

Grand Prix -- I was the first dog to run. And boy, do I love this dog because he just lets me ask everything from him and he gives it his all. He put in a time of 32.14. A few others ran... Smack still in the lead... Stacy Peardot-Goudy steps to the line with Maze. Stacy is so confident when she runs, and really went for it knowing I had put in a great time. She did get me, just barely with a time of 31.34. 0.8 of a second difference. WOW. I enjoyed watching Stacy really GO FOR IT, and am SO proud of my little BABY SmackAttack for smackin' down two GP's in a row.

Standard -- Megan, CONTROL yourself. Don't freakin' blip out. WATCH your dog to see that he's actually TURNED *before* BLASTING off towards the next jump. That's what I was telling myself as I watched my dog's gorgeous body sail over an off course jump. Hmph, no MAD title *this* weekend.

Jumpers -- ARGHHH. Last run of the weekend. B-E-A-UTIFUL. I made *every**single**front*, and he knocked the last bar. *sigh* Oh well. I'll get my Jumper Master later. ;-)

So, all in all, this was a GREAT show for me and Smack. I can feel everything clicking and Smack getting FASTER and FASTER.

I have competed in 3 USDAA Shows for the 2011 Qualifying year, and Smack is ready to go to Cynosport. So what if we don't have vouchers?

In two weeks, we go to Kerrville for the 4star event. I *did* fill out an Intent To Compete form for IFCS with Smack. I'm confident in our skills, and I'm looking forward to pushing those skills to the limit and seeing how we fare. I'm on some great teams with AWESOME people, so I'm SO excited! Althought it's just a local trial, there will be the "pressure" of earning IFCS Points. This will be "new" to Smack. That small amount of added pressure. I'm not worried about him. He will do great. And this *isn't* new to me. I'm looking forward to showing my dog off!


Ty had a great time at the trial. He got Snooker and Jumpers legs, and placed in all of them I think. I need to get his eyes checked again; I'm not sure how fast his cataracts are developing, but sometimes during the trial, I felt that he couldn't see *me* or the obstacles, so I don't know how well he's able to *work* the obstacles. I did feel however, that if he couldn't figure out *how*, he would just run by it (a little confused-looking) instead of *guessing* and getting himself hurt.


Tommy did well also. Won some jumpers classes (3/3) and did well in Snooker. He finished his Relay Champion-Gold title! No gambles... bummer. and No standards. I did make some revelations with this see-saw... but his dogwalks were not what I wanted. *sigh* LOTS more work to be done with the little guy.


ALSO! A big, huge WOOHOOO to Beaux for finishing up his Snooker Champion PLATINUM! He is only 5 years old and of those 50 legs, *24* of them were Super Q's!


The non-agility part of the weekend was awesome, too! Dinners were VERY tasty and a TON of fun!

I *did* wear my VIBRAMS. So far, *so* GOOD! No pain, no slipping, no sliding, and I did feel faster. I really enjoyed them!!

The judges were fantastic, and I had a lot of fun running their courses!

I also enjoyed talking to people about health and fitness! It made me feel *good* to know that people are noticing my athleticism as *hard work*, not just being 18 years old!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard this weekend, and ALL of the compliments on Smack-A-Doodle-Doo! He's a special guy!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's been a long week.

So last weekend we had AKC. Pups did well. I was overall pretty pleased with how things went.

Monday we got the house ready for Grandma to visit!

Tuesday, Grandma came :-) WOOHOO! Went to class that night. I only brought Smack, and we worked HARD. Did lots of good things. I was pretty pleased.

Wednesday = Rodeo. WOW, what a LONG day. GREAT food. AWESOME rides. A DANG good show too!

Thursday, Carol came out and we worked Beaux, Tommy, Binks, and Smack. Then, we all got cleaned up and went into Houston to shop at the Premium Outlets. Another long day. We ended the day with Macayo's and headed home for some sleep.

Friday, we had kind of a lazy day while I did my last minute cramming for the SAT. That evening we went to SAM's and HEB... then made FRIED RAVIOLI! And Fried Chicken. YUM! Then, off to bed. I haven't been to sleep so early in WEEKS.

Today, up WAY TOO EARLY to take the SAT. Locked in a room full of "people my age" for 5-6 hours = my own personal HELL. Not good for Megan.
However, I apparently have a "badass calculator".
And, I think I did pretty well for not studying nearly as much as I probably should have :)

Then, we headed down to Houston to eat some Chinese. YUMMY! Then, REI where I tried on all of the Vibrams that they had ! I completely fell in love walking around the shoe department... I completely forgot I had them on. So, since they didn't have the color I wanted, I came home and ordered them :-) I should get to wear them some in College Station this weekend. Yippee!
Now, we are back home and chilling out.

Tomorrow = agility = love. (:

AND, I have *4* days of USDAA this weekend. = happiness.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weekend Is Near...

Here's how my weekend went:

Monday --> Daisy Peel Seminar = Success.
Tuesday --> Babysat Colbie most of the day. I did however work out. AND my order from Clean Run came in! YaY! Smack has a harness that fits him. = Success.
Wednesday --> Preparation for AKC this weekend began. School. Worked out. = Success.
Thursday (Today) --> Major show prep done: buckets, binders, van loading, trailer loading, packing, dogfood, blah blah blah. = Success. Will I work out before bed? Most likely.

Friday-Sunday. AKC in Hitchcock. Yesssss.

Goals? Yeah, I got 'em. Stay focused. Cue my dogs correctly. Stay in motion. End of story.

On a new and different note for me, I'm considering the Vibram's Five Finger Shoe thingys. Yeah, super weird for me since I hate being barefoot in dirt, but I'm hoping it doesn't FEEL gross, and doesn't get my feet GROSS and I'm really wanting to give them a shot. They seem like they would help me some. Hmmm, now to hunt them down, try them on, and buy them. Case closed. No talking me out of it now. :)

Hmm, I'm not really sure what else to say. I've had a pretty good last fews days. :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Great Monday

Yeah, so this is being posted on Tuesday. Oh well, I was really tired last night.

So, my weekend was long and pretty boring. BUT I had a pretty awesome Monday. Sounds strange, right?? I know. I'll explain.

Sunday afternoon I headed up to Tyler, Texas. Met Lucy at a yummy mexican place and had a very yummy dinner.

Got some pretty good sleep, and started the day early with a yummy breakfast, and went way back in the boonies to an awesome training facility and met Daisy Peel for her Internationl Handling Skills seminar! It was a great group of people! Lucy, Rosanne, Stacy, Elizabeth, Susan, Shawn, Giuliana, Bonnie and a couple of new people I had never met. We all stuck it out through the drills, good and bad, and had some good laughs.
No one walked away broken or crying, so that was a success.

Smack & I had such a great time. I learned a lot from Daisy. Listening to her instruct others, as well as her thoughts on mine & Smack's teamwork. It was a ton of great feedback and information. I can't wait to find more time to work with Daisy! I really enjoyed it.

However, it was a long day and I was TIRED. Whew.

This morning, the Baby Bug surprised me bright & early... Maxie dropped mom off at her dentist appointment, so I took the early morning babysitting shift. We played for a while, now she's back to sleep and my day is getting started. :)
To do list:
Workout (my goal is 1 hour a day 3-4 days a week)
School work (something about graduation is exciting me)
Study for SAT (this does not excite me)

Giving SmackAttack a break today, and probably won't go to class tonight since mom will still be all dopey from her sedation. HA! So, I might have to hold down the fort tonight ;-)

Rodeo started today! YEEHAW!!!!!

That's all I got. OH! Yeah, I've got an AKC show this weekend! Woohoo!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekend Overview

So, yeah... haven't really gotten around to posting about the rest of my weekend:

Ty ended the weekend with a Snooker & Jumpers Q. He was great all weekend, I just need to start training him again. I've put him on the back burner some since Smack's been coming up.

Tommy did OK. His contacts were NOT what they were at the New Year's trial. That bothers me a lot. He just doesn't get it yet. *sigh* Other than that, he was pretty great. He kept the bars up, and didn't do any "terrior" like things behind my back. HOWEVER, he did have one snooker run where EVER front cross I did, he ignored the side change and took the jump on the wrong side. TOMMY has to keep things interesting.

Smack was a SUPER star! Definitely our best show to date. Lovely contacts, awesome start line stays, and we were ON. Over the weekend he racked up:
1 standard leg (#1)
2 gamble legs (GAMBLE MASTER TITLE!!!!!!!)
1 pairs leg (with Pete & Jackie) (#2)
0 snooker legs--- okay, our first attempt he gave me a great opening, knocked the third red and just couldn't by pass a tunnel. Oops. the second attempt, I could have kicked myself. BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS opening, and I had to go and rush things and send him up the aframe instead of the tunnel. STUPID.
1 jumpers leg (#4) -- his other jumpers run was gorgeous as well, had the fastest time (of all heights) but he took down two bars.
1 Steeplechase q :) 2nd place to big brother Cisco... (#2 at 26" for Nationals!)
1 GRAND PRIX q!!!! wooo freakin' hooo! So happy to finally break that funk!! He smoked that course and it was the most thrilling run we have ever had as a team... and oh yeah, I've got it on video ;-) I'll post soon! However, his big brother Cisco & Aunt Renee came in and caught us by half of a second. They're run was fantastic as well :)

Anyways, I just rushed through the post because its WAY late... but I am so proud of my Smack a doodle and I know y'all just want to see the videos anyways, so... they will be on my youtube.

k, thanks?

I'll catch y'all up more this weekend. I've been sick ALL week. It's not fun.

Friday, February 11, 2011

USDAA Day 1...

Okay, y'all. I told yah I wouldn't post until Monday... but since I'm back at the hotel and it's only 8 o'clock... I have nothing else to do but update y'all!

Masters Only Today!

Gamblers --> TY. Ran! Woohoo. Perfect opening. Not so perfect gamble. oh well.
Tommy. Great opening. Not so great seesaws. Not so great gamble.
Smack. Smack down opening. Smack down gamble. Q & 1st place. (#4 leg)

Jumpers --> Ty. Didn't enter him, no loss no gain!
Tommy. Broke his start line. HUH?! Weird. So I let him run. Q & 1st Place. (#43)
Smack. Didn't feel great, and I heard him tick a few bars. BUT Q & 1st place. (#4)

Standard -- > Ty. Is used to an AKC table. His down was slow! Q & 1st Place. (#18 in P, 39 total)
Tommy. Walked off for see-saw. URGH!
Smack. Poor Smack. He got on the see-saw, thought it was the dogwalk, figured out it was the see-saw, and was scrambling to get it figured out, but it was too late. He hit the ground and looked at me. I layed him down, had a word or two, and let him keep running. The judge didn't call it (!I found out later that she didn't call it!) But he took a bar later in the run :-( HOWEVER, he was brilliant in this run and I was SO thrilled with him.

Relay --> Ty. Mary Ann Beseda & Dora ran with us for a Q & 2nd Place. This was his 50th leg lifetime and he never has to run pairs again! Yippee!!!!
Tommy. Giuliana Lund & Zuri ran with us to a Q & 1st Place finish! (#33 leg)
Smack. Jackie Bludworth & Pete ran with us to a Q & 2nd Place finish! (#2 leg)

So, a freakin' good day I'd say! Ty 2/3. Tommy 2/4. Smack 3/4. yeahhhh, babyyyyy.

When I post video's Monday, I will talk in more detail about goals and stuff. :)
More fun tomorrow!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Week...

Has been CRAZY. Finishing up one show, getting ready for the next. Ty's ultrasound. Training. School. Freezing weather. FUN TIMES.

So, class Tuesday night was GREAT. We got Smack to break a startline, so I got the chance to correct him (YAY!) and he didn't miss an entry or pop out of the weaves at all. He was spectacular. We did find some "holes" that we need to go back and fill it. Not really "holes", but stuff we haven't worked in so long that a "hole" was starting to form.

So, we have USDAA this weekend. Here are my goals:
TY --> YES, he gets to run! So, my goal? Already met :) But some Gambles & Standards towards LAA Platinum would be GREAT ;) LOL!

Smack --> Solid Startlines. Bars staying up (I expect a couple, going back up to 26"). Solid Weaves (I have to remember to say WEAVE). Consistency.

Tommy --> He is 3 Standards away from ADCh-Bronze/LAA-Bronze. I would like to move closer to that. More importantly, I would like great CONTACTS and JUMPING effort.

Beaux --> Carol is going to be running Beaux Boy some this weekend! That is SO awesome!! I'm so happy for that. I wish those runs clean and smooth :)

Alright. So, y'all might not get an update until Monday. Good luck to EVERYONE showing this weekend, and if you're not showing, HAPPY TRAINING & STAY WARM! :)


Recap of CyCreek 5-6 Feb 2011

Whew! Haven't posted in a while, other than Ty's update.

Here's the recap of the AKC show last weekend:
Beaux --> 4/5, Open Fast Title. JWW Leg, 1 QQ (lots of MACh points) (all 1st place runs!)
Beaux was AWESOME, especially for not having worked with me in a couple of weeks. He was a super star, his only NQ was Standard on Sat... he took two bars down, which was weird, but hey... I'll take 4/5 ;-)

Tommy --> 2/5, MXJ Title, #2 AX Leg.... 3rd Place Jumpers, 1st Place Standard
Okay, so we didn't quite meet our goals discussed in a previous post. He took 2 bars (in std), and missed 2 seesaws (one in fast, one in std) SO, we still need to work on that.

Smack --> 0/5, BUT he had some FANTASTIC runs. Standard on Saturday (bummer I didn't get it videoed!) was incredible. He was focused, contacts were great, startline was great, jumping was amazing, turns were DEAD ON, however, he did something FUNKY with the tunnel and got a refusal. :( Jumpers on Sunday was also like this, but I pulled him out of the weaves (most would say "you hardly moved, he should have stayed in") which is true in most cases, but my dog is YOUNG and SPECIAL when it comes to my motion when he's in engaged in a non-turning obstacle. I did get video of that run:

Goals met: NO BARS DOWN!!!!! Yippee! This was HUGE for us!!!!
Goals not met: He broke one start-line :( I did walk him off.
Also, he did pop the weaves once, but I am going to say that I was not saying "weave"... Which I have found that I have MUCH more flexibility in my motion, if I support with a verbal.

So, that's it. That's how my weekend went. I'm happy. Of course, I would have liked more Q's. But he's TWO. that's it. Just two baby years old. So, I'm happy. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ty had his ultrasound today...

We're back home from Ty's ultrasound. Dr said he was BORING.

Healthy heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, liver, kidneys, EVERYTHING. There are no abnormalities that she could find. YIPPEE!!! :-) :-) :-)

However, we do still have this dermal issue at hand. It appears that another tumor has popped up very close to the original one that was removed. :-(

So, does anyone have some good info they've read on how the dermal version "works". I know cancer has no rules, but I'd like to know more about what Ty's facing here. Any articles, experiences, or even if you know someone I could talk to (without bringing them Ty's case) I would REALLY appreciate it.

Thank you EVERYONE for good thoughts and prayers! I couldn't be HAPPIER that the hemangiosarcoma has not settled somewhere internally.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ty Update

Got the results back on the mass we had removed from Ty last Friday.

It is a hemangiosarcoma tumor. The malignancy margins were very low.
This news baffled Dr. Brown, since hemangiosarcoma typically starts somewhere in the blood, heart, spleen, lungs, etc.

So, right now it could be that it was just this one spot, we found it, removed it, and he could be good forever.
This spot on his leg could be a secondary of something else we haven't found yet.
We are scheduling xrays of his heart/lungs along with an ultrasound of his abdomen.
That's all there is. I don't even know what to think about it all. It just hit me like a ton of bricks this morning.
Thanks everyone, for all the support.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter is coming back. Ugh.

Hello February,

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few days where the temps have been in the 70's. And tonight, I'm kissing all of that goodbye. Back down to freezing. That makes me 12different kinds of unhappy. I'm not looking forward to freezing my a** off this weekend in Crosby. I am however, looking forward to running my boys! Just Tommy & Smack this weekend. Ty is taking the weekend off to let him leg finish healing. This is doctors orders, and he isn't very happy about it. If it wasn't for the hack job they had to do to his coat on his leg, you'd never even know he'd surgery. He tooks his last dose of meds today. All that's left to do is make sure the incision stays clean, it heals up, and he should be good to go for USDAA next weekend! Woohoo!

I'm thinking of goals for this weekend:
Tommy: I would really like to finish his AX. BUT since I'd don't like to think of "titles" as a goal, this is more realistic:
I would like to see great contacts (dogwalk and seesaw) from him. Some real effort in his striding on the dogwalk, and a decision to stay on the seesaw. I was very impressed with these in Belton over New Years, so let's see if they can hold up.
I would also like all the bars to stay up! :) I don't think I've ever gone to a trial and left saying "Tommy didn't knock ANY bars this weekend" I would like to do just THAT sometime this year.

Smack: There is a list. HA! Start line stays. Keeping bars up. Staying in the weaves. (I think a lot of this has been me, but I've worked hard with him on staying in even if I'm not "with him") Also, I would especially like the TRIPLE to stay up, since that was the only bar he knocked in the Kiln a couple weeks back. I put him back down to 24" for this trial (Sorry Jackie LOL! ;P) Just to see if helps... But right back up to 26" for USDAA next weekend. I would like to feel as a team this weekend. In the Kiln, on Sunday, we had a BAD day. I'm not talking "baby dog" mistakes. I'm saying we weren't on the same page. Heck, we were in different BOOKS. It was a big bummer for me, so I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

I'll miss running Ty this weekend. Still trying to decide if I'm going to bring him to the show, or let him stay home with Maxie. HMMM?!?!?!

Oh, and Mama made HOCAKES, Paula Dean style. YYYYUUUUMMM. I could eat buckets and buckets of hocakes. However, I only ate two. Yeah, go me :) Self control. I got this.

Oh! Colbie started "Crate Games" today. :)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in training mode...

So yesterday I worked on Tommy's dogwalk... it was hot, and he hasn't done agility since new years... so he was a bit out of shape. Whoops, and uh, so was I. It was an A**kicking to run back and forth 4million times with him. Hmm, me thinks it's time to get back into running on a regular basis :)

Anyways, Tommy's dogwalk. It's not where I want it. I need a manners minder... is there any other product similar to that out there? I'm open to options. I'm attempting to get it as independent as I possibly can... It's kicking my butt to always have to be there. As it is right now, with the perfect striding, it is better if I am behind him (which SUCKS by the way), but I am working on being ahead of him and his striding still being perfect. I'm getting really good at watching his footwork. I no longer need someone else watching with me :) yeaaaahhhh.

Worked with Smack too. It was interesting to run a billion different ways and watch him figure things out. The spacing was pretty tight, and I was jumping him 26", so he really had to think. I forgot to bring out a toy for him (bad mama), so he chose my flip flop instead. Classy Smack. Way to go! He didn't need to tug, he just HAD to go pick SOMETHING up after finishing each sequence... nope, not obsessive at all. :O I did a few variations of the exercise... turning the serps into threadles, back sides into in-flow, & vice versa. while changing up my handling each time. He didn't have very many problems. I felt good. He looked great. Success!
Today, well, was an eatin' kind of day. We (the family) met with Cherie (Whittenberg) for lunch at "Old Mexico" down in Houston. All I gots to say is: YUM! Great food. Great choice, Whittenberg! Then, on our way home, my love for pie got the better of us and yep, you guessed it-- stopped at Pie Town. Oh, the pie. I.Love.Pie.
Then, we went shopping. DUH! Did I buy anything really useful? Heck no. A scarf. Really? A scarf? That's the best *I* could do? Guess so. Oh well. I got pie. Good enough day for me!
So now, I'm home. I should be doing homework, but I promised you people a blog, so here it is. Whew. I can see that this is going to be fun for me, because when I start typing, I typically can't stop. Hmmm, I can't think of anything else to say.
Goodbye weekend.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying out the Blog

Well, here it goes. My first blog post. I've always been into writing and stuff like that, but never have gotten into the blogging. So, why not? I'll give it a shot.

I'm thinking "Smack Talk" fits, huh? I like it.

January 29. Geesh, where did January go?! It just sort of flew buy. February is going to be pretty busy for me. AKC, USDAA, USDAA, DAISY PEEL SEMINAR, USDAA. Holy Smokes! What a month!? Needless to say, I'm excited. Ready to get back into agility, non stop.

Oh yeah, school. That's going well. Getting it all done as quickly as possible so that I'm not trying to graduate in between regionals ;-)

I've decided to fill out an Intent To Compete form for the 2012 IFCS Team with Smack. I have no idea how it will go, but, hey, what the hell? He's capable, I'm attending the regionals anyways, might as well, right?

Hmm, what else is there to say? OH! Thanks for everyone who is going to follow. I hope y'all enjoy it. I can't promise that I will be posting every day in a timely manner (that just wouldn't be me!) but I do hope I can keep y'all entertained some. :-)

Alright, so that's it. My first post. DONE!