Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's been a long week.

So last weekend we had AKC. Pups did well. I was overall pretty pleased with how things went.

Monday we got the house ready for Grandma to visit!

Tuesday, Grandma came :-) WOOHOO! Went to class that night. I only brought Smack, and we worked HARD. Did lots of good things. I was pretty pleased.

Wednesday = Rodeo. WOW, what a LONG day. GREAT food. AWESOME rides. A DANG good show too!

Thursday, Carol came out and we worked Beaux, Tommy, Binks, and Smack. Then, we all got cleaned up and went into Houston to shop at the Premium Outlets. Another long day. We ended the day with Macayo's and headed home for some sleep.

Friday, we had kind of a lazy day while I did my last minute cramming for the SAT. That evening we went to SAM's and HEB... then made FRIED RAVIOLI! And Fried Chicken. YUM! Then, off to bed. I haven't been to sleep so early in WEEKS.

Today, up WAY TOO EARLY to take the SAT. Locked in a room full of "people my age" for 5-6 hours = my own personal HELL. Not good for Megan.
However, I apparently have a "badass calculator".
And, I think I did pretty well for not studying nearly as much as I probably should have :)

Then, we headed down to Houston to eat some Chinese. YUMMY! Then, REI where I tried on all of the Vibrams that they had ! I completely fell in love walking around the shoe department... I completely forgot I had them on. So, since they didn't have the color I wanted, I came home and ordered them :-) I should get to wear them some in College Station this weekend. Yippee!
Now, we are back home and chilling out.

Tomorrow = agility = love. (:

AND, I have *4* days of USDAA this weekend. = happiness.

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