Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weekend Is Near...

Here's how my weekend went:

Monday --> Daisy Peel Seminar = Success.
Tuesday --> Babysat Colbie most of the day. I did however work out. AND my order from Clean Run came in! YaY! Smack has a harness that fits him. = Success.
Wednesday --> Preparation for AKC this weekend began. School. Worked out. = Success.
Thursday (Today) --> Major show prep done: buckets, binders, van loading, trailer loading, packing, dogfood, blah blah blah. = Success. Will I work out before bed? Most likely.

Friday-Sunday. AKC in Hitchcock. Yesssss.

Goals? Yeah, I got 'em. Stay focused. Cue my dogs correctly. Stay in motion. End of story.

On a new and different note for me, I'm considering the Vibram's Five Finger Shoe thingys. Yeah, super weird for me since I hate being barefoot in dirt, but I'm hoping it doesn't FEEL gross, and doesn't get my feet GROSS and I'm really wanting to give them a shot. They seem like they would help me some. Hmmm, now to hunt them down, try them on, and buy them. Case closed. No talking me out of it now. :)

Hmm, I'm not really sure what else to say. I've had a pretty good last fews days. :)


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