Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in training mode...

So yesterday I worked on Tommy's dogwalk... it was hot, and he hasn't done agility since new years... so he was a bit out of shape. Whoops, and uh, so was I. It was an A**kicking to run back and forth 4million times with him. Hmm, me thinks it's time to get back into running on a regular basis :)

Anyways, Tommy's dogwalk. It's not where I want it. I need a manners minder... is there any other product similar to that out there? I'm open to options. I'm attempting to get it as independent as I possibly can... It's kicking my butt to always have to be there. As it is right now, with the perfect striding, it is better if I am behind him (which SUCKS by the way), but I am working on being ahead of him and his striding still being perfect. I'm getting really good at watching his footwork. I no longer need someone else watching with me :) yeaaaahhhh.

Worked with Smack too. It was interesting to run a billion different ways and watch him figure things out. The spacing was pretty tight, and I was jumping him 26", so he really had to think. I forgot to bring out a toy for him (bad mama), so he chose my flip flop instead. Classy Smack. Way to go! He didn't need to tug, he just HAD to go pick SOMETHING up after finishing each sequence... nope, not obsessive at all. :O I did a few variations of the exercise... turning the serps into threadles, back sides into in-flow, & vice versa. while changing up my handling each time. He didn't have very many problems. I felt good. He looked great. Success!
Today, well, was an eatin' kind of day. We (the family) met with Cherie (Whittenberg) for lunch at "Old Mexico" down in Houston. All I gots to say is: YUM! Great food. Great choice, Whittenberg! Then, on our way home, my love for pie got the better of us and yep, you guessed it-- stopped at Pie Town. Oh, the pie. I.Love.Pie.
Then, we went shopping. DUH! Did I buy anything really useful? Heck no. A scarf. Really? A scarf? That's the best *I* could do? Guess so. Oh well. I got pie. Good enough day for me!
So now, I'm home. I should be doing homework, but I promised you people a blog, so here it is. Whew. I can see that this is going to be fun for me, because when I start typing, I typically can't stop. Hmmm, I can't think of anything else to say.
Goodbye weekend.

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