Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter is coming back. Ugh.

Hello February,

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few days where the temps have been in the 70's. And tonight, I'm kissing all of that goodbye. Back down to freezing. That makes me 12different kinds of unhappy. I'm not looking forward to freezing my a** off this weekend in Crosby. I am however, looking forward to running my boys! Just Tommy & Smack this weekend. Ty is taking the weekend off to let him leg finish healing. This is doctors orders, and he isn't very happy about it. If it wasn't for the hack job they had to do to his coat on his leg, you'd never even know he'd surgery. He tooks his last dose of meds today. All that's left to do is make sure the incision stays clean, it heals up, and he should be good to go for USDAA next weekend! Woohoo!

I'm thinking of goals for this weekend:
Tommy: I would really like to finish his AX. BUT since I'd don't like to think of "titles" as a goal, this is more realistic:
I would like to see great contacts (dogwalk and seesaw) from him. Some real effort in his striding on the dogwalk, and a decision to stay on the seesaw. I was very impressed with these in Belton over New Years, so let's see if they can hold up.
I would also like all the bars to stay up! :) I don't think I've ever gone to a trial and left saying "Tommy didn't knock ANY bars this weekend" I would like to do just THAT sometime this year.

Smack: There is a list. HA! Start line stays. Keeping bars up. Staying in the weaves. (I think a lot of this has been me, but I've worked hard with him on staying in even if I'm not "with him") Also, I would especially like the TRIPLE to stay up, since that was the only bar he knocked in the Kiln a couple weeks back. I put him back down to 24" for this trial (Sorry Jackie LOL! ;P) Just to see if helps... But right back up to 26" for USDAA next weekend. I would like to feel as a team this weekend. In the Kiln, on Sunday, we had a BAD day. I'm not talking "baby dog" mistakes. I'm saying we weren't on the same page. Heck, we were in different BOOKS. It was a big bummer for me, so I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

I'll miss running Ty this weekend. Still trying to decide if I'm going to bring him to the show, or let him stay home with Maxie. HMMM?!?!?!

Oh, and Mama made HOCAKES, Paula Dean style. YYYYUUUUMMM. I could eat buckets and buckets of hocakes. However, I only ate two. Yeah, go me :) Self control. I got this.

Oh! Colbie started "Crate Games" today. :)