Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Week...

Has been CRAZY. Finishing up one show, getting ready for the next. Ty's ultrasound. Training. School. Freezing weather. FUN TIMES.

So, class Tuesday night was GREAT. We got Smack to break a startline, so I got the chance to correct him (YAY!) and he didn't miss an entry or pop out of the weaves at all. He was spectacular. We did find some "holes" that we need to go back and fill it. Not really "holes", but stuff we haven't worked in so long that a "hole" was starting to form.

So, we have USDAA this weekend. Here are my goals:
TY --> YES, he gets to run! So, my goal? Already met :) But some Gambles & Standards towards LAA Platinum would be GREAT ;) LOL!

Smack --> Solid Startlines. Bars staying up (I expect a couple, going back up to 26"). Solid Weaves (I have to remember to say WEAVE). Consistency.

Tommy --> He is 3 Standards away from ADCh-Bronze/LAA-Bronze. I would like to move closer to that. More importantly, I would like great CONTACTS and JUMPING effort.

Beaux --> Carol is going to be running Beaux Boy some this weekend! That is SO awesome!! I'm so happy for that. I wish those runs clean and smooth :)

Alright. So, y'all might not get an update until Monday. Good luck to EVERYONE showing this weekend, and if you're not showing, HAPPY TRAINING & STAY WARM! :)



  1. Hope all your goals are met Missy -- hope to at least visit sometime during the weekend :) Good luck!

  2. Adding to Smack's goal: Contacts! And trying out a backside or 2 in Gamblers if possible. :-)

  3. Good point, Renee! :-) definitely have to throw in a backside!
    Hopefully his contacts will be better than they were at class! lol!