Friday, February 11, 2011

USDAA Day 1...

Okay, y'all. I told yah I wouldn't post until Monday... but since I'm back at the hotel and it's only 8 o'clock... I have nothing else to do but update y'all!

Masters Only Today!

Gamblers --> TY. Ran! Woohoo. Perfect opening. Not so perfect gamble. oh well.
Tommy. Great opening. Not so great seesaws. Not so great gamble.
Smack. Smack down opening. Smack down gamble. Q & 1st place. (#4 leg)

Jumpers --> Ty. Didn't enter him, no loss no gain!
Tommy. Broke his start line. HUH?! Weird. So I let him run. Q & 1st Place. (#43)
Smack. Didn't feel great, and I heard him tick a few bars. BUT Q & 1st place. (#4)

Standard -- > Ty. Is used to an AKC table. His down was slow! Q & 1st Place. (#18 in P, 39 total)
Tommy. Walked off for see-saw. URGH!
Smack. Poor Smack. He got on the see-saw, thought it was the dogwalk, figured out it was the see-saw, and was scrambling to get it figured out, but it was too late. He hit the ground and looked at me. I layed him down, had a word or two, and let him keep running. The judge didn't call it (!I found out later that she didn't call it!) But he took a bar later in the run :-( HOWEVER, he was brilliant in this run and I was SO thrilled with him.

Relay --> Ty. Mary Ann Beseda & Dora ran with us for a Q & 2nd Place. This was his 50th leg lifetime and he never has to run pairs again! Yippee!!!!
Tommy. Giuliana Lund & Zuri ran with us to a Q & 1st Place finish! (#33 leg)
Smack. Jackie Bludworth & Pete ran with us to a Q & 2nd Place finish! (#2 leg)

So, a freakin' good day I'd say! Ty 2/3. Tommy 2/4. Smack 3/4. yeahhhh, babyyyyy.

When I post video's Monday, I will talk in more detail about goals and stuff. :)
More fun tomorrow!


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